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August Science Dog Webinars

Greetings Science Dog Followers - The Science Dog is offering two live webinars during the month of August. As with all of our webinars, registration includes on-demand access to the webinar recordings for a 30-day period. Live attendance includes an opportunity to ask questions and to participate in discussions following the event. Details are below… Continue reading August Science Dog Webinars

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Consider the (Caregiver) Placebo Effect

Most people are familiar with the concept of a “placebo effect”, the perception of improved health while unknowingly receiving a sham (placebo) treatment that in reality should have no benefit at all. Growing up, my mother referred to this as “giving someone a sugar pill”. The assumption is that because we believe that we are… Continue reading Consider the (Caregiver) Placebo Effect

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Excitable You

There is a common cognitive bias, the Fundamental Attribution Error,  that is central to the way in which we view others and make judgements about their behavior. It is supported by a large body of research and is one of the most common errors that our brains make on a regular basis. The Fundamental Attribution Error refers to our tendency to explain… Continue reading Excitable You

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What’s Your Dinner Ritual?

The Case dogs have an evening dinner ritual. This ritual has not changed much in the last few years and deviates very little in its nightly performance. It begins, like clockwork, at 8:15 pm and is currently directed by Cadie, our senior Golden girl. Mike (my husband) typically feeds the dogs their evening meal, so… Continue reading What’s Your Dinner Ritual?

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What the Dog’s Nose Knows

In "Thyroid on Trial" we used an evidence pyramid to examine the various types of scientific studies that have been used to examine the hypothesis that there is a connection between hypothyroidism and aggressive behavior in dogs. We followed this example up through most of the levels of the pyramid, finishing at the penultimate level, the randomized, controlled trial. At the tippy… Continue reading What the Dog’s Nose Knows

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Thyroid on Trial

Every day, we are bombarded with new information about dogs that arises from a variety of sources - via the internet, through our smart (or not so smart) phones, from our colleagues, friends and family, and of course from our neighbor Joe next door (who happens to know a lot about dogs). In this day and age of information overload, it should… Continue reading Thyroid on Trial

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Your face is gonna freeze like that (Part 4)…….(a.k.a. Why we need multiple Steves)

So, here we are, with three study groups described in Part 3 of this series. Each group consists of 25 young adult dogs, representing a range of breeds and breed-types. This collection of dogs is considered a sample of the population that we are testing. In this example, we identify the population as all young adult dogs living in… Continue reading Your face is gonna freeze like that (Part 4)…….(a.k.a. Why we need multiple Steves)