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Science Dog Webinar: Understanding Canine Body Signals

Explore All of the Science Dog Courses! Most Popular Courses: Basics of Canine Nutrition Dog Food Smarts: Making, Marketing & Safety of Food for Dogs Masters Class Certificate in Canine Nutrition Webinar: Nutrition Controversies in the Dog World Human Grade: Meaningful Distinction or Marketing Gimmick? (This one is FREE!) Have Questions? Contact Us!

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The Perfect Dog

Well, not perfect actually, the word that is being thrown around is ideal. In three separate studies, people in the UK, Australia and Italy were polled and asked to describe what they believe to be their ideal dog; the dog with whom they would like to share their love and their life. Kinda like being asked about… Continue reading The Perfect Dog

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The Kids are Alright

        A SAMPLE OF "KIDS WITH DOGS" PHOTOS TAKEN FROM A 30-SECOND GOOGLE SEARCH Disclaimer: If you are not horrified by these photographs (even worse....if you think they are cute), you are probably not going to like what follows. A few statistics: According to the CDC, approximately 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each… Continue reading The Kids are Alright