Nutrition with The Science Dog Courses

Basics of Canine Nutrition

Puppies to Seniors

Dog Food Smarts

Master’s Class Certificate Program

Other Popular Courses and Webinars:

Nutrition Controversies in the Dog World

Feeding Puppies for Health and Longevity

Dogs are Carnivores, Right?

Understanding Canine Body Signals

Human Grade: Meaningful Distinction or Marketing Gimmick? (This one is FREE!)

Yes, please send me information about Science Dog Courses!

2 thoughts on “Nutrition with The Science Dog Courses

    • Hi Jacqueline – Thanks for your note and inquiry! We are currently developing a new short course that is entitled “Feeding Cats and Dogs”. The course compares and contrasts the nutrient requirements, feeding behavior and feeding management of dogs and cats. We have a late 2021 date for release, so look for this in the fall/winter! Best wishes, Linda


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