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Interested in Canine Science that is Evidence-Based? Here are a couple of great sites for you!

Hi Folks,

I am taking a quick break from writing Part 4 of “Your face is gonna freeze like that……”, to send along a great blog and a very, very cool new program and website, both of which promote good science for all things dog.

Many of you may know of the first one, as this writer has been around for a while and has a strong blog following. I used his site, his video lectures and his extensive expertise when researching my newest book, and have become a big fan. The blog is called “The SkepVet” and it is written by veterinarian Brennan McKenzie, who is current president of  the Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine Association. Here is the web address if you are interested in this kind of stuff:

The second is a new program that is administered by Nottingham University, call “BestBETS for Vets”. The program’s purpose is to provide reviews (meta-analyses) of clinical studies for a variety of popular animal medications, nutritional supplements, and veterinary procedures. These are sorely needed in the field of canine nutrition and feeding, and so I was thrilled to see that they have included a review of the research that examines the efficacy of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate as joint protection agents. They make their results available to everyone – it will be exciting to see what else this new program posts in upcoming months!  Here is a link:

Last, if you are interested in participating in a fun survey research project that is ALL about dogs, feel free to take a peak at my consulting company’s website,  The Dog Talk Project. Stay and participate if you have one or more dogs that you would like to enter into its data base!

Out to take Chippy swimming……and do some dog training – More soon!

Chip Jan 2012


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